With Optimee, optimise your comfort anytime, anywhere

Optimee continuously monitors your environment, informs you of your comfort quality and which parameters affect it.

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Environmental comfort is associated with a feeling of well-being which is based on:

  • Thermal comfort;
  • Visual comfort;
  • Air quality.

These parameters have a significant impact on everyone’s feeling of comfort and health: sleep disorder, alertness disorder, decline in cognitive performance, nausea and headache.

Optimee, the comfort and well-being solution

multisensors Optimee

All sensors that composed Optimee allows to monitor your comfort quality in real time.

  • Temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • Luminosity;
  • Carbon dioxide level (CO2).

Thus, Optimee analyse your environment and warns you when your comfort is threatened.

Strong, design and wireless, you can take it everywhere you go: at home, in the car or at work.

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Optimee is your own daily companion. At home, at work or in the car, he continuously monitors your comfort.

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